2007 - 2016

Product Design & Direction

The recent works of Tim Dikun, currently crafting compelling interfaces from Houston at Envy in Orlando.


UX/UI Design

CentreLearn is an educational platform used by thousands of firemen and EMT's nationwide as well as the National Guard to handle continuing education and certification compliance. It was a unique challenge to design a system that effectively communicated such critical information in a no-frills way that allowed these men and women to continue to protect the public.


I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at a few conferences and meetups including Converge SE, Design Orlando and the East End Market small business workshop–where I also participated in a panel discussion. I’ve also written and taught a Code School course, the Fundamentals of Design.

I’d love to come speak at your event, and am passionate about the following topics:

  • - Distilling Complex Software Goals into a Plan
  • - Interactive Prototyping with Invision
  • - How Not To Be an Asshole at Work
  • - Dealing with Insecurity as a Designer

Please email me at tdikun@gmail.com if you’re interested.